Husqvarna K760: The Swiftest Electric Concrete Cutter from Bladesdirect

It is very hard to find any other blades to replace Husqvarna Blades in working fields. In the engineering field, Husqvarna K760 Blades are simply irreplaceable. There are a lot of features to discuss. Customers are using this saw due to its long-lasting technology and low price. Let us know more about Husqvarna K760 Blades.

Husqvarna K760

What are the most valuable characteristics features?

Features are so many but what about the basic needs that a person can easily justify by his naked eyes. You will be surprised to know that these blades don’t need any change of Filters throughout a year. This powerful cutter can reduce fuel consumption by about 20%. Husqvarna K760 is eco-friendly as it reduces the emission by 75%. This light-weighted saw is designed to decrease the vibrations while working. It has average 2.5 m/s2 acceleration which 2.5 m/s2 acceleration which produces stability without hampering the job. While considering the mathematical features of this saw; its maximum depth of cut is 4 inches, maximum radius of the blade id 7-8 inches and more interestingly, the power consumption is only 5 HP.

What are the cores features to buy it?

A strong Poly v belt combination and efficient air filtration activity make this machine handy. The design of the carburettor cylinder and digital ignition starting system makes it even more comfortable to start. The amount of slurry is very low in these machines which passively helps in reducing the water consumption. The wires are buried deep and constant water flow valve is available to reduce any kind of accidents. So what else we need to make our work perfect.

What are the specialities about Husqvarna Blades?

All the core features are generally the same for all saws but we are giving you some extra features in this model. The capacity of the fuel tank is 30fl oz of Gasoline. The machine is dust-proof and reliable due to its DuraStarter™ which increases its longevity too. Hope this saw helps you in completing your job smoothly and successfully.