Will a Diamond Blade Cut Metal?

Will a Diamond Blade Cut Metal?

Diamond blades, if you work in the construction industry or even are an avid DIY-er (Do It Yourself-er), you are probably familiar with this valuable tool. They are the industry gold star when it comes to cutting.

That said, you may not realize the extensive array of materials that diamond blades can be used with.  While well-known for cleanly cutting abrasive materials including brick, concrete, and asphalt and some smoother substances like ceramic tile and granite, these blades are incredibly versatile. Some are even designed to cut metal!

Because each diamond blade is shaped differently with unique grooves, intentionally designed for specific materials, there are some that are used for metal. In fact, some can even cut through steel, one of the strongest metals around.

Appropriate Diamond Blade

With this in mind, if you need to cut metal you should ensure that you have a blade that is appropriate for the job at hand. You cannot simply use the diamond blade currently in your saw. It is also important to realize that while diamond blades can cut steel, the process may be time-consuming. 

Take the time to do some research to identify the best blade for the metal you need to cut. Using the wrong blade can not only result in damage to the blade and your saw but may also cause injury to you and those who may be in the vicinity while you are working.

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