What are Segmented Diamond Blades & What are they used for?

What are Segmented Diamond Blades?

While you may be familiar with diamond blades, you may not realize that there are three major types: segmented, continuous and turbo.  Each offers specific benefits when used for the appropriate job. Today we are going to share a bit about segmented diamond blades; both their appearance and when they should be used.  

Segmented diamond blades have small spaces around the blade that are referred to as gullets. These help in maintaining the temperature of the blades and improve the flow of air as you operate; basically, they improve the blade’s ability to cut.  There are multiple types of segmented diamond blades; designed to cut different types of materials.  

Generally, if the material you are looking to cut is abrasive, you should work with a diamond blade with wider gullets.  For example, asphalt is extremely abrasive and requires gullets with a U-shape.  The extreme additional space allows the heat to dissipate more effectively.  

Segmented blades come with an array of gullet shapes ranging from wide “U” shapes, as discussed above, to much more narrow ones (for granite or marble).  Shapes in between can include teardrop and angled, among others.

Understanding the scope of your business is critical while planning to purchase these blades.  The right blade directly impacts the quality of your work and your client’s satisfaction

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