Norton Clipper CP514-350 Cut Off Saw Added to Inventory

Blades direct is pleased to add the following item to its long list of online inventory items: Norton Clipper CP514-350 Cut Off Saw Norton Clipper introduces a new option for hand held cut-off saws. Raw power for smooth, fast cuts with features that prolong saw life, prevent engine damage and guarantee everyday reliability. Easy start without the hassle of a choke. A five point vibration reduction system, v-belts transferring power to the blade and a semi-automatic belt tension system for enhanced user experience. 3-Step Easy Start - Hot or Cold The electronic carburetor's electromagnetic valve eliminates the standard choke and half-throttle start. To operate, turn the saw on, and: 1. Push the primer three times 2. Push the decompression button 3. Pull the recoil Key elements which make the Norton Clipper CP514-350 unique: • Easy to start • Durable • Ease of use and maintenance • Ergonomically designed • Low vibrations, dust, and emissions To purchase this item online, visit the Norton Clipper page or call a Blades Direct specialist at 1-855-225-2337.