Experience Cutting Excellence: Discover Our 14” Variety Pack With Top-Selling Blades At A Special Discount!

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Are you seeking an assortment of high-quality blades that cater to a myriad of cutting applications? Our 14” Variety Blade Pack is your answer! With our best-selling blades bundled together at a special discount, you not only have the chance to test their performance but also to discover which blade suits your projects best.

Contents Of The 14” Variety Pack

The Variety Pack includes a diverse selection of blades, each promising unique features, and unsurpassed cutting performance:

(2) Rx13 SHOXX Blades

Our Rx13 SHOXX Blades are known for their durability and efficiency. Their unique design enables them to withstand demanding cutting applications, making them a top choice for projects that require a robust and reliable blade.

(3) MS15 Blades

The MS15 Blades are your go-to tools for precision cutting. Known for their strength and consistency, these blades are ideal for detailed work on a variety of materials, offering clean and precise cuts every time.

(3) SB10 Blades

Finally, the SB10 Blades are versatile tools, perfect for a range of cutting tasks. Thanks to their unique design, they excel in multiple applications, providing both speed and accuracy.

Why Choose The 14” Variety Pack?

Variety Blade Pack

The Variety Pack offers an array of advantages. Not only does it provide an opportunity to test different blades and determine their suitability for various projects, but it also offers significant cost savings compared to purchasing each blade separately. Whether you're cutting concrete, metal, or other materials, this pack ensures you're prepared for every job.

Versatile Applications And The 14” Variety Pack

From landscaping tasks to construction projects, the blades included in our Variety Pack are designed for versatility. This means you can confidently approach a variety of materials and projects, knowing you have the right tool for the job.

Ideal Candidates For The 14” Variety Pack

Contractors, DIY enthusiasts, professionals in the construction and landscaping industry, or anyone who frequently undertakes cutting tasks would greatly benefit from our Variety Pack. Its diversity and quality make it a valuable addition to any tool arsenal.

Customer Testimonials

John, Professional Contractor

"As a professional contractor, I often find myself working on a variety of projects, each with its own unique requirements. The 14” Variety Blade Pack has been a game-changer. The quality, durability, and versatility of the blades have drastically improved my efficiency."

Maria, Home Improvement Enthusiast

"I love the 14” Variety Blade Pack! I purchased it for some DIY home improvement projects, and the blades have exceeded my expectations. They offer clean, precise cuts, and I love the flexibility of having different blades for different materials."

Edward, Landscaping Professional

"I can't speak highly enough of the 14” Variety Blade Pack. The blades are incredibly strong and reliable. Whether I'm cutting through thick branches or trimming hedges, these blades deliver every time."

Linda, Artist

"As an artist, precision is crucial in my work. The 14” Variety Blade Pack has offered me just that. The MS15 Blades were particularly impressive with their consistent, detailed cuts. I highly recommend this pack to anyone who values quality and versatility in their tools."

Tom, Construction Worker

"The 14” Variety Blade Pack is a solid investment. The blades are sturdy and can handle any material I throw at them. Plus, the pack offers great value for the money. It's a win-win."

Special Discount Details

Take advantage of our special offer now! Experience the diversity and excellence of our top-selling blades at a discounted price.

Why Choose Blades Direct?

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At Blades Direct, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality blades that cater to a wide range of cutting needs. With our Variety Pack, you get to experience the best of our blades while saving money. We also offer fast shipping and excellent customer service, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase.

We, at Blades Direct, are committed to providing cutting excellence with every blade. Order our 14” Variety Pack today and experience the difference for yourself! Don't miss out on this great deal!


Experience cutting excellence with our 14” Variety Blade Pack. Whether you're a professional or DIY enthusiast, this pack offers the versatility and performance you need to tackle any cutting task with ease. Don't miss out on our special discount - get yours today at Blades Direct! So, choose quality and savings, choose Blades Direct. Order your Variety Pack now! Hurry while supplies last! Call us at 855-225-2337!