Diamond Blades Specials Announced: Spring Specials

This coming weekend (Sunday, March 10th), states that observe daylight savings time will be "springing forwarded," meaning clocks will move 1 hour ahead. This means one hour less of sleep and for many contractors waking up on Monday morning, they will undoubtedly be feeling a bit groggy. However, Blades Direct is pleased to announce the launch of its "Spring Specials," which should help motivate those early morning risers on their way to construction jobs. As part of our Spring Special, Blades Direct will be offering a new "business start-up package," which will include a mixer, tamper, and saw as part of the package. In addition to these items accompanying each order, customers will also see deep discounts and will have the ability to purchase their tools and equipment under invoice pricing. Blades Direct will also offer Crown Mixers, Wacker Tampers, Husqvarna Saws, and Cut-Master Diamond Blades with their orders. Any customers that choose to stock up on a full case of diamond blades can select any piece of equipment they want with their blade orders. As exclusive distributors of CUT-MASTER Diamond Products, Blades Direct offers world-class customer service and fast turnaround times for its diamond products. In addition all customers are valued equally, whether they purchase 1 blade per year or 1000. Because of the unique ordering system that is currently in place, BladesDirect.net customers end up saving significant money of their orders compared to buying through traditional retail outlets or locally. Products are shipped within 24 hours of order, making BladesDirect.net one of the fastest deliverers of saws and blades in the world. Be sure to inquire today about these and other specials, which also include promotional items, which include electronics, iPads/iPhones, fishing rods, gift baskets, gift cards, household items, game consoles, and other cool equipment. We look forward to hearing back from those who wish to take advantage of our specials.