Cutting Granite - What Are The Best Blades


Best Blades for Cutting Granite


Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY-er you want the work you complete to be of the highest quality. With this as your goal, it is important to recognize that appropriately working with certain substances requires the use of very specific tools.  One such material is granite. 


Because of its composition, granite is incredibly dense and durable.  These qualities are just two that help make this substance popular in the construction and/or renovation of both kitchens and office space. Cutting granite accurately and cleanly requires the use of certain tools. Specifically, diamond-coated saw blades are the most effective for jobs involving granite. Either dry cutting or wet cutting will work, but it is important to recognize that a wet cut saw results in significantly less dust - a fact that, depending upon the job at hand, may be meaningful to you. 


Diamond Blades for Cutting Granite

Diamond blades are highly regarded in the industry for a number of reasons.  They are:


  • Accurate: Diamond-coated blades tend to make very precise cuts, an important quality when it comes to things like countertops.
  • Cost-effective: These blades are reasonably priced making them a good investment for your business.
  • Long-Lasting: While they will ultimately need to be replaced, diamond blades are recognized for their life span.
  • Versatile: Some people like to cut wet, others dry.  Sometimes the choice is dependent upon access to water and the location of the job. These blades can be used for either wet or dry cutting, making them valuable in many different situations.

A range of diamond blades are available on the market today and they are ideal for several types of saws. Circular blades are best for large projects. They can be used on multiple substances increasing your efficiency. Cutting granite with a circular saw is a great option. Contour blades are ideal for granite, especially when cutting curves. Additionally, grinding cup wheels are a finishing tool, helping to completely smooth edges while diamond profile wheels help in the shaping process.

Gold Standard for Cutting Granite

Diamond blades are well-known as the “gold-standard” of circular blades. Those who work with them are well aware that saw blades regularly need to be replaced.  Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.  Diamond blades, however, are known for their longer life.  In fact, some models last twice as long as other blades on the market.  At Blades Direct, our inventory includes the best blades on the market today, including those manufactured by Shoxx and Roc, two of the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry.


Understand The Materials to Cutting Granite

In short, understanding the materials with which you will be working as well as the type of job are important.  Such as cutting granite countertops in place, modifying granite countertops or cutting granite for undermount sink. You want to make sure you have the right tools on hand.  Granite is expensive and cutting errors can be costly.  Diamond blades are critical to working with this luxury material in order to deliver products of the highest quality. Blades Direct has the best granite cutting tools.