Concrete Saw With Power Cutter - What is the best 14” Saw

What Is the Best 14 Inch Concrete Saw With Power Cutter

Having the appropriate tool for the job at hand is not just important, it is critical. Working with the right equipment, such as a concrete saw, will not only allow you to produce high-quality products, but it will also help you work more efficiently and effectively, thus increasing your profitability. All clients appreciate work that is well-done and completed in a timely manner.

When working with concrete, you want to ensure you have the best tools. Concrete saws are used to cut a host of solid materials including, but not limited to,  concrete, brick and masonry. These heavy duty machines can truly improve your operations. 

Concrete Saw Cutter: Husqvarna K770 VS. Makita MM4

Product descriptions and user reviews can provide insight into what works and what doesn’t.  The following two saws have received excellent ratings and are among the most popular types of concrete saws on the market today.

  • Husqvarna K770: Husqvarna K770l is designed to cut straight, curved or even close to the sidewalk  - it is incredibly versatile.  Additionally, it is equipped with a semi-automatic SmartTension™ system.  It’s lightweight and operates with low vibrations resulting in excellent productivity.  

  • Makita MM4: Among the valuable features of this power cutter are an integrated retractable wheel kit, fuel primer bulb and a 5 stage filtration system. Those working in road construction, steel contractors, welders and rescue crews are just a few of the many professionals who would benefit from this high quality cutter. 

Without a doubt, selecting the best saw for your specific needs is an important task. A purchase like this is an investment in your business and ultimately its future. Understanding more about your operations including where your work is, the scope of the work you do, and the volume of your operations can help our knowledgeable  sales associates assist you in choosing the saw that will be the best investment for your business.

In-depth descriptions of concrete saw, including complete lists of their features and uses are available on our website. We stock the industry’s highest rated products. Take some time and learn more about our offerings and feel free to contact us with questions.

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