Characteristic Features of Perfect Diamond Blades

Firstly, let us clear a fact, diamond blades are not made of diamonds. Instead of this, they have actually crystals of diamond. The cutting edge is made of synthetic diamond to cut concrete materials. To buy a perfect diamond saw blade we have to keep in mind the main characteristics. Buying a diamond blade is slightly different from other saw blades. A number of industries are selling various qualities of the diamond saw blade with different strength and different cutting edges. But here we are going to share some basic characteristics to remember.

What are the characteristic features?

When we usually go to buy saw blades, we have to look out for majorly three qualities, Teeth per Inch, Material and Length. These points are applicable for Diamond Blades too. But additional points are going to be added for this blade especially. Let’s discuss.

  • Comparison Between Materials – The material which is going to be cut and the material of the blade, always the cutting tool material has to be stronger. 
  • Hard Bonded Blades- To cut the control joints without making any cracks while it is still green needs experience and a perfect hard bonded blade. In summer, when the concrete starts to get hydrated these characteristics help to retain the strength of the material.
  • Speed Range- While cutting we have to be aware of the 'Depth of Cut'. So, while cutting, the best way to control the cutting speed according to the depth of cut is controlling the speed. You can control the speed by increasing or decreasing the power supply.
  • Materials- If you are related to this field of cutting job, then you may know about the dry and wet cutting. In wet cutting, the dust reduced and slurry gathered into it should be cleaned. And dry cutting removes the slurry by itself. 

To cut hard materials like BlueStone, brick, graphite, granite and other similar materials Diamond Saw Blades are used. So every time while buying a blade we should take the job, requirements and nature of materials into consideration.