Best Option to Cut Pavers: Diamond Blades

Paver is a piece of multi-coloured, multi-shaped construction element that is usually used in making pavements, parking lots, bridges, roads and even making floors in the household. To set it in the perfect position or in shape, sometimes we need to cut it. Now, what do we require while cutting? Nothing else other than a perfect shape with a perfect cutting movement. This can be only achieved with Diamond Blades. Let us understand why do we use Diamond blades to cut pavers instead of ordinary blades.

Identify the Job

Firstly, identify the quality of the material we are going to slice. If you are experienced in either engineering, cutting or shaping fields, then you already know what we are talking about. Unmatched blades can hamper not only the machine but also the job. A slight improper movement can ruin our job permanently. So, the only solution is that we need a blade made with a much more stronger material than the paver. Now we have to choose whether the blade is dull or not. Dull Blades have a nature to tend themselves out of the track, heat up and breaking the teeth.

How to Use Diamond Blade to cut Pavers?

Secondly, we need to mark the desired portion which is to be cut. Use chalk or lime powder to do it. Then, leave a small cut in the marked location. Always wear goggles and safety aprons to avoid dust and emission of extension parts or sparks. As both the paver as well as the blades are equally strong, a huge recoil will be there, which will have to be controlled. High-quality grips along with strong support to the ground can help to overcome this issue. Apart from this, the efficiency and service life of the Diamond Blade has to be considered. Quality and efficiency can be measured by durability, sharpness and the area cut per unit time. The durability depends upon the concentration of diamond materials on the edge. When the concentration increases then the sharpness and efficiency decreases and vice versa. But the concentration helps in the longevity of the blade.