Specialty Diamond Cutting Blades Added to Blades Direct Inventory

At first glance, they look like titles from a Hollywood script. However, these are actually specialty diamond blades that we have added to Blades Direct’s inventory of products. These quality blades are currently being offered at deeply discounted rates, anywhere from 20% – 40% off from list prices! Posted below are a few of our new items. To place an order, call a customer service respresentative at 1-855-225-2337 and we will be happy to assist you.

The Terminator

5-Star Quality Blade for Brick, Block, Pavers, and Stone Catalog Price on the 14” $425.00. BUY NOW FOR $349.90 Catalog Price on the 20” (BLUE BLADE COLOR) $725.00. BUY NOW FOR $425.00

The Green Monster

14" x .140 15mm segment height Catalog Price: $409. BUY NOW for $299.90

Tornado by CUT-MASTER

14" x .125 12mm segment height For Granite and Hard Stone Catalog Price: $425.00. BUY NOW FOR $325.90 *Available in Black or Blue. Color choice NOT guaranteed.   To browse our full list of items, visit our PRODUCTS PAGE