How To Cut Concrete

Are you concerned about undertaking a home improvement project that involves cutting concrete?  If so, relax! While this may seem intimidating, a little bit of knowledge and the right tools can help make the job possible for you do yourself.

How To Cut Concrete

According to Bob Villa, the home improvement guru, if your project involves concrete less than six inches thick you CAN do it yourself (with the right equipment). However, he cautions that for concrete thicker than that you should consider hiring a professional. First, you will need the right tools.  In the case of cutting concrete, this means a diamond blade!  At Blades Direct, our inventory includes the best diamond blades on the market.  Consider the fast cutting Samedia Shocker Blade RX13. Available in 5 sizes, this diamond blade cuts reinforced concrete as well as a number of other substances included brick, granite, block and stone. It is highly rated and incredibly popular.  

Husqvarna K77011

While blades are critically important, the right saw can  also help make at home concrete projects possible. If you are planning a  project involving concrete, you should definitely look at the Husqvarna K77011 Concrete Saw. This tool is ideal for cutting concrete for home renovations, alterations and even new construction. Its anti-vibration system makes for smoother operation and it is the only power cutter to come with a one year warranty. In addition to the appropriate equipment, it is important to understand that there are safety procedures by which you should abide.  Consider purchasing a filtration mask to protect your lungs, knee pads and shin guards for your legs and finally, a ground fault circuit interrupter protected extension cord to guard against the dangers posed by water and rain.   Whether you are DIY homeowner undertaking a smaller concrete job or a professional hired for more extensive work, BladesDirect.net can provide the best equipment (both diamond blades and saws) to fulfill your needs. We can help you make the right decisions for the projects you plan to undertake. Check out our impressive selection online and give us a call at 855-225-2337. We will answer your questions and assist you in choosing the perfect blades and/or saws for your needs. We look forward to working with you.  As always, remember that we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our products. Customer satisfaction remains our highest priority.