The Best Saws to Tackle Projects at Home

High Quality Saws to Tackle Projects at Home
The belief that every project on our “to do” list requires outside assistance is simply not true. Of course, some of the work we need completed in our homes requires the services of a professional. In these cases it is important to hire a well-regarded contractor.  However, there are countless home improvement repairs and projects that many individuals can handle quite nicely on their own.
Just because you are personally handling projects in your home does NOT mean you should be willing to accept substandard work.  Home repairs and improvements should be effective and efficient; otherwise the time spent is wasted. Completed projects should be of the highest quality.  They should look good and be as functional as those created by a professional.
Well executed repairs and quality home improvements require the use of the correct tools.   A high quality saw that cuts quickly and accurately is critical for those who do a lot of DIY work.  
At BladesDirect, we are proud to not only service professional contractors, but also individual who take pride in the work they do in their homes.  As such, today we are sharing information on two of our products, the MK-Diamond BX-4 and the Husqvarna K770, both of which are among best saws to use when tackling projects at home.
MK-Diamond BX-4: This 14″ dry cutting masonry saw is perfect for at-home projects.  It can cut all materials requiring a dry cutting including brick, block and pavers.  It is easy to handle and control, and the adjustable depth stop protects against cutting through the table.
Husqvarna K770: This hand-held cut off saw is equipped with semi-automatic SmartTension™, a system which provides the best power transmission with the least amount of wear and maximum belt life; it is made to last!  Described as dependable, it can cut a broad range of materials including pavers and curbstones, metal pipes and concrete, among others. Its versatility combined with the fact that is is light weight and compact, makes it incredibly valuable for home repairs and improvements.
These are only two of the many products you may be interested in learning about if you enjoy handling work in your home.  In fact, all of our products are useful for both individuals and professionals. We know that quality work is dependent upon quality tools, regardless of whether you are a contractor or a homeowner.  
Selecting the best saw for the projects you wish to complete is an important; we can help you make an informed decision.  Shop with us at BladesDirect.net to see our impressive selection.  Then, call us at 855-225-2337; we can answer all of your questions and help you choose the perfect saw for your needs.  We look forward to working with you. And, as always, remember that we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our products, customer satisfaction remains our highest priority.