Diamond Blade Safety Should Be Number One Priority

As a high-volume diamond blade distributor for contractors, construction companies, and those within the manufacturing industry, blade safety is of the utmost importance for us at Blades Direct and something that should be practiced by anyone operating a diamond blade or saw. In a homepage featured video (posted below), there is a blade demonstration posted by a YouTube user showing the operation of a dry blade saw during a 5,000 sq ft. paver job. To an experienced diamond blade operator, the video contains some glaring safety concerns that jump out to viewers and indeed, many others have noticed. One video commenter noted the following: “I’m pretty sure the point of this video is to show off cutting w/ one hand? While that may be kind of neat, all I can think is, it can’t be the most safe method. Not to mention no? gloves, hearing protection, face shield or respirator. He’s wearing sun glasses, which may be safety glasses, but I doubt it. Might be work boots, but they look suspiciously like running shoes.” Operation of diamond blades, saws, mixers, and other related equipment can be extremely dangerous. Safety should be the number one priority, no matter how large or small the job is. As we have previously mentioned, there are numerous things a blade or saw operator can do to avoid accidents or dangerous situations. Check out the video below to see if you can recognize the safety issues that others have noted: [youtube 5tSsOo7lrXg nolink]