Core Bits: A Worthy Competitor of Diamond Blades

According to mechanical engineering, Core Bits are cutting tools to cut, design and eliminate parts from the parent substance. Core Bits is mainly used for drilling harder materials. Hard materials or core materials like granite and quartz are usually drilled by Core Bits. Generally, Core Bits have a wide range of uses. It is used in constructing bridges, pavements, and roads and even for houses.

Comparative Features of Core Bits:

Core Bits are commonly used to do small cutting jobs while diamond blades comparatively are for bigger cutting jobs. Let's discuss the main characteristic features of a core bit that makes it different from the diamond blades.  

  • Soft & Hard Substances: The diamond segments of the diamond blades are made of hard material. While cutting, the strength of the tool blade must be higher than the objects' hardness. The same rule works for core bits too. Limestone to granite, everything can be drilled by core bits. Importantly, we have to be aware of the bits' strength.
  • Aggregate materials: Aggregate can be defined as the small components of asphalt. These aggregate have different sizes and occupy almost 75% volume of the object. Depending upon drilling small size aggregate and drilling large size aggregate; the size of the core bits are being decided. 
  • RPM: Actually, this depends upon the quality and strength of materials. During operation, if we increase the rotating speed of the bit then obviously, the life span of the bit decreases. Though some experts can do these jobs without damaging a single thread of the bit; still it's good to use lubricants to increase the life span. 

As a diamond blade, core bits also have some distinguishable core features too. Bladesdirect offers you the best deals on core bits (dry and wet) with Fast Drilling and Long Lasting features. The available sizes are as follows:

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