Blades Direct Reviews: The Shocker Diamond Blade

The Shocker is the latest addition to the vast inventory of Blades Direct. Feedback and reviews are already overwhelmingly positive, with some even calling the new diamond blade a game changer. Below are some of the features that The Shocker diamond blade incorporates: • Implementation of state-of-the-art Shoxx® Technology • Durable bonding components • Coated diamond grains • Diamond retention increased by 25% • Cutting speeds that are 2x faster than traditional diamond blades • Cutting lengths that are 2x long as some of the leading top range blades on the market • Adaption of the same technology used in the automotive industry For more information on this exclusive diamond blade, please call a Blades Direct representative at 1-855-2BLADES (855-225-2337). We offer some of the fastest shipping turn-around times in the industry and provide comprehensive customer support.