Blades Direct forecasts 20-30 percent growth for Shocker/ Shoxx and Samedia Products

Happy New Year! Blades Direct forecasts 20-30 percent growth for Shocker/ Shoxx and Samedia Products. At Blades Direct, we are are proud of our expertise; we have an in-depth understanding of the wants and needs of our clients and a complete knowledge of the product offerings of the industry. We leverage this insight to bring our clients products that benefit them. Based on what we have seen in 2018, we believe that the demand for Shocker/Shoxx and Samedia products will continue to grow in 2019; in fact, the growth may be as significant as 20-30 percent. We make this forecast based on their quality products, sales history and customer satisfaction (which we have heard, first hand). Our partnership with Samedia is long-standing and they continue to develop and produce outstanding products. Their Shoxx blades cut faster, last longer, vibrate less and are safer than other blades in the marketplace. The Shocker blades come in several sizes (4.5”, 12”, 14’, 16’ and 20”), cut a broad range of materials and are a 6/6 Rated Diamond Quality. Clients who have purchased these blades have consistently shared their satisfaction with us; when looking for additional blades they continue to request these products. We believe the demand for these high-quality tools will continue to grow. If you are looking for new blades to begin the new year, let us help you. We have an in-depth understanding of the Samedia brand and can help you select the best products for your business. Visit us at BLADESDIRECT.NET and check out our selection. As always, we provide a 100% guarantee on all of our products. Customer satisfaction remains our highest priority. Blades Direct forecasts 20-30% growth on Samedia SHOXX Products