Asphalt Shocker Shoxx Blades

Cutting asphalt can be tricky without the proper tools, conditions and ventilation. We HIGHLY recommend Asphalt Shocker Shoxx Blades for both DIY jobs and commercial use!  Whether you’re cutting straight asphalt or asphalt over concrete Shoxx blades made by Samedia out of Germany are guaranteed to have deliver the best results. ASPHALT SHOCKER SHOXX About AX13 Asphalt Shocker Shoxx Blade:

Supreme Quality AX13 Asphalt Shocker Shoxx Patented Technology, Made By Samedia out of Germany.

Extreme Fast Cutting, 6 out 6 Rated Diamond Quality.

Will Cut Asphalt, Screed, Abrasive Materials Faster and last longer than any other Asphalt Blade in the World.

Bladesdirect.net recommends a step-by-step process when cutting asphalt for both large and small surface areas. Step 1

Make sure the area you’re cutting is swept and clean so debris doesn’t compromise your blade or cut.

Step 2

Outline your cut lines so you have a visual to follow. Taking your outline a step further and perforating the line helps guide your cut which you can accomplish with a hammer and old screwdriver.

Step 3

Identify your cut depth. You can get an estimate by digging on the edge of the pavement and measuring. Straight cuts are critical and it’s important to lift the blade before beginning your next cut, you never want to attempt a round cut with an asphalt blade.

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