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Welcome to the blog for Blades Direct. We will use this important platform to inform our customers of specials, promotions, company announcements, and other related information. At Blades Direct, we are best known for offering CUT-MASTER products and providing deeply discounted quality blades, saws, and tools. All products are shipped within 24-hours, making Blades Direct the fastest deliverers of saws and blades in the world. Be sure to stop by our blog regularly or subscribe to our feed as we plan to make frequent updates to inform our customers of the latest information regarding diamond cutting blades, tools and similar construction and contractor-related products. If you are in the market for blades, saws, mixers, core bits, polishing pads, and other similar products, feel free to browse our product category page or call a customer service sales representative toll free at 1-855-225-2337.