Plate Compactors for Construction – Uses and Applications

Plate Compactors are part of the "compactor" tool family and used within the construction and contracting industries for a variety of purposes. The unique device, also known as a "vibratory rammer," consists of a large vibrating plate and is primarily used in creating "level grade" surfaces. Plate compactors are most often used for compacting soil in preparation for paving or laying down concrete slabs. They are also used after asphalt has been layed to smooth surfaces and edges. Like many other products carried by Blades Direct, plate compactors are a great resource to have in any contractor's arsenal when leveling, smoothing, and creating even surfaces are required. If you are in the market for a plate compactor, be sure to contact Blades Direct for more information on how we can potentially assist you with your needs. We offer quick shipping and turnaround times and provide world class customer service. Be sure to also inquire about our promotions. To learn more, contact us toll free at 1-855-2BLADES (225-2337). View demonstration of Plate Compactor: [youtube rQNQ82sbCCE nolink]