New Husqvarna K770

The all new Husqvarna K770 are in stock at Blades Direct! Are you one of the many customers that purchased the Husqvarna  K760 from Blades Direct? If so you will be pleased to know that Husqvarna has released a new and improved Husqvarna K770. The K770 is designed to replaced the Husqvarna K760 model. The K770 is equipped with semi-automatic SmartTension™ system that allows for optimal power transmission, minimum wear and maximum belt life. This dependable cut-off saw works great for a variety of cutting applications such as curbstones and pavers in landscaping, metal/pipes in installation work, concrete in buildings as well as roadwork applications with the trolley accessory. The K770 is great for cutting concrete and stone in alterations. The K770 is also perfect for  renovations and new construction. The K770 can also be used for cutting smaller holes and adjusting window and door openings, as well as some pipe, asphalt and metal cutting.

Cutting depth, max - 5 in

Blade diameter, max - 14 in

Output power - 5 hp

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Blades Direct is giving this dependable, powerful and precise K770 model away for FREE, when you buy a box of our premium 14” diamond blades. New Husqvarna K770   New Husqvarna K770