Mayan Prophecy Doom or Business as Usual?

Mayan Weaher Forecast


If you've been putting off that special order from Blades Direct out of concern the world will end on Friday, December 21, 2012, we have some good news. As of this blog post, it is officially Dec. 21st in Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world and all appears to be well. The way things appear, it looks like the world we be the same when we wake up on Saturday the 22nd. Since the beginning of time, there have been predictions of our demise and like all others, the Mayan Doomsday hype appears to be falling flat as well. Now that it appears the world will not end, don't forget that there are plenty of jobs and plenty of contracting work to be completed! Why not order a specialty diamond blade to help ring in the new year? As Blades Direct, we offer a wide variety of construction products, which include blade saws, polishing pads, grinders, mixers, chemicals, and more. We utilize UPS on almost all of your orders and have very quick turnaround times. We are one of the fastest growing companies within our industry and are committed to customer satisfaction, regardless of whether you are ordering 1 blade or 1,000. As we approach the New Year, we hope you will consider joining our loyal family of customers for all of your diamond cutting and construction-related tools and products. Happy Holidays from the Blades Direct family to yours! It looks like we made it after all....