Grinding Cup Wheels and Why They’re Important

What Are Grinding Cups? Diamond grinding cup wheels or simply, grinding cups, are construction tools that mount onto concrete grinders and used to grind down rough surfaces such as concrete and marble. These wheels come in various forms to meet the needs contractors working on various surfaces and application settings. Grinding cups with large diamond-mounted segments are used for larger jobs, which include grinding down large slabs of concrete and stone, while grinding cups with smaller-mounted diamonds are used for smaller jobs such as removing paint, wallpaper or graffiti. As with all diamond tools, proper eye protection should be worn at all times while using a diamond grinding cup. During operation, fine shards of debris are sent up into the air, which can scratch or damage a user’s eyes. Diamond cups come in many shapes and sizes and at Blades Direct, we offer a wide selection to choose from for all contracting jobs, regardless of size. For more information on our grinding cups and other diamond cutting tools, call a customer service representative toll free at 1-855-225-2337 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We offer expedited shipping on all orders and have some of the quickest turn-around times in our industry. Also be sure to check out our ongoing promotional offers to see how you can receive some special products to compliment your order.