Durability of Segmented Blades

Those of us who have used segmented saw blades, particularly diamond blades, are familiar with their benefits. These blades are appropriate for cutting a broad range of abrasive materials including asphalt, concrete, brick, and limestone, among others. Additionally, they cut quickly and are extremely effective.  Quite simply, they do “good work”.  Whether you are a professional contractor or an at home “DIY-er”,  if you have used these blades in the past, you can speak to the value they can bring to the job at hand. That said, segmented blades are not inexpensive; in fact, some blades can be costly. If you are considering purchasing a segmented blade, but are concerned about the cost, one factor you truly should consider is durability To be honest, segmented diamond are well known for being incredibly long lasting. In case you are unfamiliar, segmented blades are made from quality steel which have diamonds bonded to them, hence the name diamond blades. The harder the bonding of the diamonds to the blades, the longer the blade will last.

Quality Segmented Blades

At Bladesdirect.com, we are extremely familiar with segmented diamond blades, in fact, they are one the products for which we are known. We carry a broad range of the highest quality blades, many with a longer lifetimes than others on the market.  Curious as to what these incredibly durable blades can do? Check out one of our most popular blades, the Asphalt AX 13 Shocker. This multifaceted segmented blade can cut abrasive materials including asphalt and screed. While it is incredibly fast, it’s also durable.  In fact, the blade’s life is two times longer than average blades on the market. The bottom line is that segmented blades are especially durable and in many cases the purchase of one (or more) would be a valuable investment in your business or home tool collection.  At BladesDirect we can help you choose the best equipment for your specific needs. Visit us at Bladesdirect.net and check out our inventory. Call us with questions at 855-225-2337. And, remember that we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our products.  Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We look forward to working with you!