Dry Polishing Pads: Why Are They Important?

Polishing pads are used on a variety surfaces, which include granite, natural stone, and concrete. They are designed to smooth out rough surfaces, come in either wet or dry formats, and are designed to provide a brilliant sheen and luster to surfaces. Diamond polishing pads are engineered with embedded diamonds throughout the pad to provide even, smooth surfaces. In order to produce the best surface possible, polishing pads must be used with the proper equipment adjusted to the proper RPMs. High-speed grinders that exceed the specifications of pads can end up damaging both surfaces and the pad itself, so it’s important to ensure correct application of your specific product. At Blades Direct, we offer a wide range of dry diamond polishing pads for any sized project. We offer expedited shipping for our customers, which include contractors, construction workers, property managers, handymen, and other industry-related specialists. If you would like to learn more about our inventory of polishing pads, please contact one of our customer service representatives toll free at 1-855-225-2337. Blades Direct offers discounted tools for the construction and contracting industries and have a wide inventory of blades, saws, polishing pads, mixers, and diamond cutting tools. Call us today to learn more.