Blades Direct Review for Shipping and Handling

UPS Shipping Blades DirectBlades Direct is an online supplier of diamond blades, cutting tools, chemicals, saws, mixtures, polishing pads, and other related items for the construction and contracting industries. With many diamond tool distributors offering similar products, choosing the right supplier usually comes down to customer service, and a big part of that is related to shipping reliability and shipping turnaround times. Blades Direct utilizes UPS for almost all orders and items are shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment. On products that exceed standard weight and size requirements, BladesDirect will use a speciality freight company or simply drop ship items directly from the manufacturer. All customers are provided with detailed tracking information on their orders, so will never be any guessing as to where their items are during the order fullfillment process. All items are well packaged so they are able to handle the rigors of the entire shipment process. The combination of Blades Direct's order fullfillment system, combined with using one of the most reliable carriers in the country (UPS) enables Blades Direct to stand out as having one the best order and fullfillment systems in the entire industry. In addition to its top-rated shipping capabilities, Blades Direct also is an exclusive distributor of CUT-MASTER diamond products and offers special promotional items on qualifying orders, which include electronics, sports equipment, NFL/MBA/NBA apparel, and even vehicles! Give Blades Direct a call toll free at 1-855-225-2337 and find out why we are a cut above the rest! Additionally, for more information on our shipping and handling policies, visit http://www.bladesdirect.net/terms-and-conditions-shipping-policy/