Best Blades for Cutting Wood, Plastic, and Metal

The machinery with which you work is important.  You need the right tool to do a quality job. Think about it.  If you need a Phillips head screwdriver, a flathead simply isn't going to work. 

The same thing goes for saw blades - one size does not fill all, and the blades that are ideal for cutting stone or granite are likely not the most appropriate for cutting all other materials.

So, what are the best blades for cutting wood, plastic, and metal?

Wood Cutting Blades

The best blades for cutting wood depend both upon the thickness of the wood and the type of cut. Two of the most popular blades are designed for lumber and plywood.

Lumber is generally cut with construction blades which are available in high-speed models. This can be extremely valuable depending upon the type of work you do. These blades may also be referred to as carbide-tipped saw blades.  On the other hand, thinner wood, like plywood, is typically cut with plywood blades (which are also available in high-speed options).  The teeth on these are smaller and more numerous, providing for clean edges

Plastic Cutting Blades

Blades used for cutting plastic are known for having lots of "teeth", typically around 60 - which is more than those which cut wood.  These blades are also appropriate for cutting soft,  non-ferrous metals as well as acrylic. In fact, they are also often known as acrylic blades and may also say "no melt blades" on their packaging. Carbide-tipped blades are recognized for their ability to make melt-free, clean cuts. 

Metal Cutting Blades

These blades are incredibly popular and many are designed to cut a host of metals including bronze, copper, aluminum, and bronze.  However, if you cut a great deal of steel, carbide blades may be your best option.  Because they are so strong, they don't break and have a longer life.  Blades designed to cut metal generally do not have teeth, they are smooth. This provides for a clean cut on your finished product.

Knowing what your job entails is critical in choosing the right equipment.  At BladesDirect.net, we stock a broad range of saw blades  - ones appropriate for every job you have.  We invite you to browse our inventory and reach out with questions. Our professionals, who are well-versed in our inventory,  can help you select the best blade for the job at hand. Remember, quality tools result in quality work!