Using Shocker Blades to build a beautiful walkway!

Who's ready to build a beautiful walkway?

A walkway or patio can be created with many materials, but it's hard to beat one made from pavers. Brick has been used as a paving material for many years to pave patios, walkways and driveways. One of the best reasons to use brick pavers is that you can create any sort of pattern you want. You'll eventually need to cut some of the bricks to create your desired pattern. That's where Blades Direct can help! The RX13 and UX17 Shocker blades are perfect to do the job! RX13 SHOCKERGood For cutting – Brick, Block, Reinforced Concrete, Pavers, Stone, blue Stone, Granite. UX17 SHOCKEREverything you love about the RX13 but 40% to 60% longer life! Good For cutting – Brick, Block, Reinforced Concrete, Pavers, Stone, Blue Stone, Granite!  Cut it all! The beautiful walkway featured in the image below is in Wine Country, Sonoma California. The chosen paver colors are cream, tan and brown from Calstone. Can you guess who saws cut these pavers? You guessed it... Blades Direct!   Beautiful walkway in Wine Country, Sonoma California   Wondering why you should take and chance on Blades Direct and buy from us? Blades Direct has been voted best again! We carry on premium products and guarantee top customer satisfaction. Best in Business   Are you ready to give us a try? Call 855-225-2337!