Terms and Conditions & Shipping Policy

Most orders are shipped within 24 hours via UPS ground. For larger heavier freight, outside of our normal four state areas, we ship via common carrier either directly from us or the manufacturer. When your order is placed the delivery method and cost will be determined at time of shipping. If you have a delivery method preference or would like to know the shipping cost before the order ships, please let us know at time of order entry either over the net or by phone to inside sales and customer service. Sales tax is NOT charged.

NOTE: ALL amounts listed are in US dollars.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exchanges or returns on promotional orders (promotional or promo orders may include any order that is sold at a discounted price or with a discounted item). Exchanges on all other orders are always up to management and will ONLY be considered if products are shipped back to the shipper in the same original BOXED/PACKAGED condition and within 15 days of the original delivery date for the order AND approved by management. If returns or exchanges are approved, customers must pay for return shipping and provide Blades Direct with a return tracking number upon shipping back, an 18-25% re-stocking fee applicable. No refunds are ever given on shipping & handling costs. Receipt of good(s) confirms that customer has read and agrees to abide by the return policy listed here and on ALL INVOICES and PACKING SLIPS.

All shipping costs and charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Customer is responsible for shipping charges back to company on ALL returns & exchanges.

An 18%-25% restocking fee is applied to all returns & exchanges and is applied on the MSRP price‡

Shipping charges are NOT refundable.

Refund(s) or Complete Refund(s): Refund(s), or Complete Refund(s) are terms which refer to all money that is refunded back to a customer MINUS shipping & handling costs and restocking fees. Refund(s) / Complete Refund(s) are only issued once all merchandise has been returned by the customer to BladesDirect.net (within 15 days of original delivery date), in same as new condition and approved by management.

After an order has shipped, customers are responsible for all shipping & handling, and restocking costs. While it is our goal to ship immediately upon order being placed, Blades Direct typically, but not always, will hold orders for up to 24 hours to allow a customer to further research product(s) and be completely confident in their orders placed over the phone or Internet with BladesDirect.net. To expedite your order be sure to sign both of your merchant and vendor receipts and invoices.

If a return or exchange is authorized and approved by Blades Direct management, then all merchandise must be immediately returned by the customer to Blades Direct within 15 days of original delivery date to customer (per return & exchange policy: a proper shipping & tracking number must be provided to Blades Direct for your return). A return address will be provided to the customer by Blades Direct. If an address is not provided, then merchandise should be immediately shipped back to the Blades Direct address provided on our official company website’s contact page: HERE

* If merchandise is not returned within 15 days of the original delivery date then all sales are final.

* The original delivery date is the date show on the company shipping / tracking report. All customers are provided shipping & tracking reports and tracking numbers for their orders. If a tracking number is not provided, please contact a Blades Direct representative.

There are no other expressed, implied, verbal, or written policies regarding BladeDirect.net & Blades Direct return/exchange/refund/warranty procedures and policies other then what is listed here and on itemized invoice(s) and packing slip(s).


Blade Warranty, Limited Blade Warranty, Blade Limited Warranty, and Limited Warranty - The Blade Warranty, Limited Blade Warranty, or Blade Limited Warranty refers to a "limited" warranty" that is limited ONLY to the exchange of defective products. The blade warranty, limited blade warranty, and limited warranty is only activated when a customer signs BOTH their sales merchant receipt(s) and itemized company invoice(s). If both slips are not signed within 30 days of transaction, then the blade warranty and limited warranty is voided. Customer is responsible for all shipping & handling cost for all exchanges under the limited warranty. BladesDirect.net has final say over whether or not a product is defective. Upon return the product will be tested and if it is not defective, then the product will be shipped back to the customer at the customers own expense. If a customer wishes to return an order (without exchange) and the return is approved by management, the return must be issued and facilitated through the limited warranty program; all returns are subject to return policies and procedures.


Refers to all charges other than itemized merchandise. Shipping is determined by the weight/distance/dimensions of your package and is listed on your invoice as shipping. Shipping charges are not refundable. Handling may be added due to extra or unforeseen cost of shipping your order. Examples of how handling may be listed are: handling, state charges, state, name of state, prov charges, prov, broker, broker charges, promo, promo charges or "other", or other charges, any of which may appear on your invoice. Other charges that may be added to invoice include sales broker fees and those may be listed under the name of your state or listed as mentioned above. Shipping, handling and other broker charges are not refundable.


For orders placed before 3:00pm EST, we will ship out the same day if everything in the order is in stock. For orders placed after 3:00 pm EST, we will try, but not committed, to ship express orders including FedEx 2 Day, UPS Next Day Air, and overnight on the same day. All other orders will be shipped out the next business day. UPS ground will not deliver on Saturdays. For 2 day or Overnight Saturday delivery, please call us to discuss before order is placed.


  • Provide an Accurate Shipping Address
  • Check the package before signing it; refuse the package if it looks like it was damaged by the shipper
  • Check your package before accepting the delivery to insure the merchandise is what you ordered and are expecting, if items appear different refuse the order.
  • All customers are provided shipping and tracking numbers for ALL of their orders. It is the customers responsibility to be available for delivery of their orders. If a tracking number is not received by customer within 24 hours of your order, please contact a Bladesdirect.net representative for your tracking information.

Each customer will get an invoice and merchant receipt upon placing their order with Blades Direct. In order to activate the blade limited warranty the customer must sign BOTH items; the invoice(s) and merchant receipt(s). If BOTH the company itemized invoice and the credit card merchant receipt are NOT signed, then the limited blade warranty will be VOIDED.


All merchandise sold or purchased (or promotional give-away’s) through Blades Direct, LLC, websites, or its distributors or vendors is SOLD and purchased “AS-IS” and without any implied, expressed, written, verbal, or any other type of warranty or guarantee. All merchandise is purchased “AS-IS.” Blades Direct does not warranty any products, merchandise, equipment. Blades Direct does not warranty any promo/give-away items that are sold or given away through our company, company websites, vendors or distributors. Blades Direct, LLC does not guarantee, warranty, or insure any item, spiff, promo items, equipment or tool that is sold, purchased, or given away as a promo item through our company, company website, vendors or distributors. This disclaimer supersedes any other communication pertaining to warranty and guaranty questions. All Tools and equipment are used at the users own risk. Always use safety equipment and safety gear when using tools and equipment. Always follow OSHA and All government safety regulations. Customers are advised to use all tools and equipment purchased through Blades Direct, company websites, vendors and distributors at his or her own risk.

‡ MSRP price is the price listed in our catalog and can be different from the final sale price. The sale price is the price which the customer pays for the individual product.

‡ Color, Design, Graphics: Because Blades Direct is always working on increasing quality, designs, and graphics; sometimes blades may slightly vary in color, design, graphics, or other ways than they appear in online pictures or from previous orders. Any aesthetic changes will only be visual and not affect performance or industrial use of product. For clarification regarding any inventory item, or item ordered please contact a blades direct representative.

‡ Names of Blades and Titles: Sometimes sales representatives or marketing campaigns may add “names” or titles to the products as a marketing effort. It is possible that those same “names” or “titles” are NOT reflected on an itemized invoice or other company marketing materials (such as websites, emails, brochures). Invoices will typically reflect internal company inventory numbers or internal company tracking numbers. A name or lack of a name for an item or merchandise is for marketing purposes only and does not affect performance or industrial use of the products. For clarification regarding any inventory item, or item ordered please contact a blades direct representative.


In accepting the delivery of your order, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Blades Direct, llc and Bladesdirect.net and agree to make immediate Payment to blades direct. If we are unable to complete the payment transaction for any reason associated with your Payment Account (for example, there are insufficient funds in your Payment Account to cover the transaction) & you accept delivery of merchandise, you will be contacted for immediate payment, which in some instances, you will receive a return notice from the company. In such case, you agree that:

1) You will return the merchandise immediately upon demand;
2) For any merchandise not reimbursed to the Company within fifteen (15) days of the initial notification, a late charge equal to 1.5% monthly interest or the legal maximum, whichever rate is higher, for any unpaid amounts may be imposed;
3) You will reimburse the company for any fees imposed by your financial institution as a result of the return;
4) You will reimburse the company for any fees it incurs in attempting to collect the amount of the return from you; and,
5) The company is authorized to report the facts concerning the return to any credit reporting agency, police department (if a criminal behavior occurred) and utilize attorneys to make the company whole.
6) *FOR C.O.D (check on delivery orders): If you [customer] makes payment to blades direct using a “bad” check or NSF check & does not receive merchandise, customer agrees to reimburse the cost of shipping and any fees imposed by your financial institution as a result of the return; You will reimburse the company for any fees it incurs in attempting to collect the amount of the return from you; and, The company is authorized to report the facts concerning the return to any credit reporting agency, police department (if a criminal behavior occurred) and utilize attorneys to make the company whole.