Husqvarna Blade FLX

Husqvarna blade FLX-3000 Series Red

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Husqvarna FLX 3000 Series Red

Blades from Soff-Cut are developed and tested to withstand all aggregate conditions. Color-coded diamond blades with a distinctive triangular-shaped safety arbor that fits perfectly on the saw's arbor are patented. Green concrete with medium to hard aggregate and medium abrasive sand is cut using Soff Cut FLX 3000 Red diamond blades.

Husqvarna Bronze Series Performance - Cuts: 

  • Green concrete: Medium aggregate (granite), Medium abrasive sand, Green concrete: Hard aggregate (flint), Medium abrasive sand.
  • Granite, Green concrete: Medium to Soft aggregate (Limestone), abrasive sand.

 Husqvarna Diamond Blades 

Instead of actually cutting the thing, Husqvarna diamond blades scrape against it. During the manufacturing of a Husqvarna diamond blade, individual diamond crystals may be observed along the outer edge and sides of the diamond segments or rim. These diamonds do the bulk of the grinding on the open area. Every diamond that is visible is supported by the metal matrix, which is in turn supported by a bond tail.

At optimal cutting speeds, the majority of blades have their cores tensioned in the manufacture to provide a straight cutting edge. The blade can still be flexible enough to deflect slightly when slicing, then snap back into place with just the proper amount of power. Diamond segments or rims are made by fusing together a diamond and a metal powder. All but a tiny fraction of the diamonds in blades are synthetic varieties, and they come in a wide variety of grit sizes and quality ratings.


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