Husqvarna K3600 MK II Hydraulic Concrete Ring Saw

Husqvarna K3600 MK II Hydraulic Concrete Ring Saw




Husqvarna K3600 Hydraulic Concrete Ring Saw, 968424101

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Husqvarna K3600 Ring Saw General Info

The K3600 is a power cutter with truly unique characteristics and performance. Because its blade is driven from its periphery, not its center, it can cut 10" deep (260 mm) with just a 14" blade! Its unique weight to power ratio and hydraulic power source makes it a hand-held cutter which is exceptionally efficient and easy to use.

The world's only power cutter that can cut 10" deep with a 14" blade!

None of the depth limitations of blades driven from an arbor apply to this cutter. Off-center drive means the blade can cut almost as deep as its own diameter.

To achieve a cutting depth of 10" (260 mm) on a conventional power cutter you would need a blade diameter of 25-30" (approx. 700 mm), which would be simply unmanageable on a hand-held cutter.

A 10" cutting depth is enough to cut right through a normal wall, and if cuts can be made from both sides of a structure, this cutting depth can naturally be doubled.

The Husqvarna K3600 is hydraulic-powered, and completely modular in design for easy servicing. The entire design concept of this new Ring Saw makes for a genuinely efficient and easy-to-use cutter of very low weight.