Stone, Porcelain, Tile, Marble, Glass

Stone, Porcelain, Tile, Marble, Glass

Stone Porcelain Tile Marble and Glass Blades!

Blades Direct offers blades to cut stone, porcelain, tile, marble and glass. Some of our most popular blades that cut stone, porcelain, tile, marble and glass are:

Glass Cutting Blade: Glass, Some Porcelains. *Specialty and unique tool for those special Jobs!

Golf Slot – Tile Premium Plus – Marble, Porcelain, Tile, and some granite or quartz.

Pro Tile Blade – Tile and Porcelain Premium – great for getting the job done! *Available 4″ through 14″

Zenesis Premium Plus – This is the BEST there is for Marble, Tile, Granite, Quartz – Small Hand Grinders, Warm Drive Saws, Table Saws

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