Cutting Edge Technology

SHOXX Blades - Cutting Edge Technology

SHOXX Blades - Cutting Edge Technology

Technology. Sounds like a funny word to hear when talking about blades, doesn't it? When we think of technology we usually think of electronics - our phones and our computers. Well, guess what? Technology plays a big part in blade manufacturing as well. In fact, it is a cutting edge technology that makes diamond blades so valuable.

SAMEDIA developed and patented a leading edge forging technology that they were able to incorporate into game changing products called SHOXX Blades. This technology provides those who use these blades incomparable speed and precision in cutting the broadest range of materials.

Currently there are five different SHOXX Blades available. They come in different sizes and have been manufactured for different purposes. Some cut asphalt, screed and other abrasive materials while others can be used for concrete, granite and even blue stone. Additionally, other SHOXX Blades cut ductile iron and construction steel. Take a look at what they offer; there is a blade for almost anything.

Another benefit of this innovate technology is the manner in which these blades operate. The cut twice as fast as their competitors products and last twice as long. And, get this, vibration when using these blades is 25% less than others.

So, while we continue to appreciate the cutting edge technology that makes our computers portable and outfits our phones with cameras, now we can respect that technology also enhanced the speed and quality of blades as well.

Learn more about the SHOXX Blades and how this technology can benefit your clients and your business by visiting We are happy to speak with you to better understand your needs and help determine the best blades for your business. And remember, at we guarantee your satisfaction. We stand by our service and products and look forward to you becoming a life-long customer.

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