Diamond Blades for Circular Saws

Professionals require tools that they can use to produce high quality products while delivering equally high quality service to their clients. SAMEDIA realized this and has developed a line of SHOXX Diamond Blades that are extremely well-regarded. These diamond blades for circular saws, made with SHOXX patented forging technology, can help you bring value to…
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IQ360XR Dustless Saw from Blades Direct

Imagine this: With the IQ360XR Dustless Saw you can own a professional table saw that dry cuts everything and collects up to 99.5 percent of the dust created. We know, it sounds too good to be true. But, it’s not. Meet the IQ360XR! First, let’s take take a look at the facts. This 14 inch…
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Shoxx Blades – The Best Blades in the World!

Shoxx Blades - The Best Blades in the World! Professionals know that quality blades are game changing. They help produce superior products efficiently and effectively and result in unmatched client satisfaction. That said, Shoxx Blades (also known as diamond blades) are, without a doubt, the best blades in the world. When purchasing a new blade,…
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Best Steel Cutting Blade

Steel Cutting Blade - From Blades Direct You know the old adage, time is money?  It couldn't be truer than when purchasing a steel cutting blade.  Obviously, the best steel cutting blade will be effective and efficient.  After all, you want to be able to work quickly and cleanly, providing your clients high quality products…
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Asphalt Shocker Shoxx Blades

Cutting asphalt can be tricky without the proper tools, conditions and ventilation. We HIGHLY recommend Asphalt Shocker Shoxx Blades for both DIY jobs and commercial use!  Whether you’re cutting straight asphalt or asphalt over concrete Shoxx blades made by Samedia out of Germany are guaranteed to have deliver the best results. About AX13 Asphalt Shocker…
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Discount Diamond Blades

Blades Direct is your #1 source for Discount Diamond Blades in the USA!  Our diamond blades cut 2X faster and last 3X longer. [caption id="attachment_3380" align="alignright" width="300"] Discount Diamond Blades From Blades Direct[/caption] We stock a number of sizes from 4.5 inch through 20 inch blades! Diamond Blades typically grind through material unlike a traditional…
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New Husqvarna K770

The all new Husqvarna K770 are in stock at Blades Direct! Are you one of the many customers that purchased the Husqvarna  K760 from Blades Direct? If so you will be pleased to know that Husqvarna has released a new and improved Husqvarna K770. The K770 is designed to replaced the Husqvarna K760 model. The…
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Using Shocker Blades to build a beautiful walkway!

Who's ready to build a beautiful walkway? A walkway or patio can be created with many materials, but it's hard to beat one made from pavers. Brick has been used as a paving material for many years to pave patios, walkways and driveways. One of the best reasons to use brick pavers is that you can create…
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Blades Direct Shocker Blades Continues To Impress!

I bet you are wondering how Blades Direct Shocker blades continue to impress? Well, we have some amazing and important information! Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...the all new RX and UX segments are being developed! These blades will be even faster, stronger and safer!

Below are the current best selling Shocker blades from Blades Direct:



Will Cut Asphalt, Screed, Abrasive Materials Faster and last longer than any other Asphalt Blade in the World.


Good For cutting – Brick, Block, Reinforced Concrete, Pavers, Stone, blue Stone, Granite.

Shocker Blade RX13


Everything you love about the RX13 but 40% to 60% longer life!

Good For cutting – Brick, Block, Reinforced Concrete, Pavers, Stone, blue Stone, Granite!  Cut it all!


Good For cutting –Reinforced Concrete, ASPHALT, Pavers, Stone, blue Stone, Granite, DUCTILE IRON, CONSTRUCTION STEEL.  CUTS EVERYTHING!


Extreme Fast Cutting. Cuts Beams, Metal, Ductile Iron, Rebar by itself, Heavily reinforced concrete, Construction Steel. This Blade is designed to REPLACE up to 250 Abrasives, and cuts 3x faster than your old black stitched abrasives.

Blades Direct Wins Prestigious Customer Services Award

Blades Direct has some exciting news to announce! In addition to being voted the #1 source for premium diamond blades. Blades Direct has now won a prestigious customer service award! Blades Direct Distributes The SHOXX® line for North America and offers these tools with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. That's right, you read it correctly, 100% money…
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