Blades Direct Voted #1 Source For Premium Diamond Blades

Blades Direct is voted the #1 source for premium diamond blades. The Shocker Blades use SHOXX technology by Samedia.


The Shocker Blades are Europe's leading premium diamond blades. These blades are quickly moving up the ranks and will soon be North America's leading diamond tool manufacturer.


SHOXX technology cuts twice as fast and lasts three times as long as other blades on the market. The Shocker Diamond Blades comes in many sizes which include:


4.5" Shocker Diamond Blade


12" Shocker Diamond Blade


14" Shocker Diamond Blade


16" Shocker Diamond Blade


20"  Shocker Diamond Blade


We believe the Shocker RX13 SHOXX blades are the single greatest diamond blades in the world. The SHOXX RX13 blade will not only cut through concrete, bricks, pavers and blocks but it will also cut through granite!


We offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Which not many other companies will offer.



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