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What are Segmented Diamond Blades & What are they used for?

What are Segmented Diamond Blades? While you may be familiar with diamond blades, you may not realize that there are three major types: segmented, continuous and turbo.  Each offers specific benefits when used for the appropriate job. Today we are going to share a bit about segmented diamond blades, both their appearance and when they…
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What Diamond Blades Are Used For

Diamond Blades Are Used For... Diamond Blades.....they sound impressive, don’t they? But we all know that words can be deceiving. When looking to purchase new blades for your equipment, you want to understand exactly what they can do. Broadly, diamond blades are the highest quality blades available. In fact, these blades actually contain small diamond…
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How Diamond Tool Blades Can Save You Time and Money on Home Improvements

How Diamond Tool Blades Can Save You Time and Money on Home Improvements Purchasing a new blade, especially a diamond tool blade, is an investment. One that shouldn’t be taken lightly. “How can this blade benefit me and my business?” is a question you should be asking. The answer is multifaceted, but clearly understood. Below…
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Cutting Edge Technology

SHOXX Blades - Cutting Edge Technology Technology. Sounds like a funny word to hear when talking about blades, doesn't it? When we think of technology we usually think of electronics - our phones and our computers. Well, guess what? Technology plays a big part in blade manufacturing as well. In fact, it is a cutting…
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Diamond Blades for Circular Saws

Professionals require tools that they can use to produce high quality products while delivering equally high quality service to their clients. SAMEDIA realized this and has developed a line of SHOXX Diamond Blades that are extremely well-regarded. These diamond blades for circular saws, made with SHOXX patented forging technology, can help you bring value to…
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IQ360XR Dustless Saw from Blades Direct

Imagine this: With the IQ360XR Dustless Saw you can own a professional table saw that dry cuts everything and collects up to 99.5 percent of the dust created. We know, it sounds too good to be true. But, it’s not. Meet the IQ360XR! First, let’s take take a look at the facts. This 14 inch…
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Shoxx Blades – The Best Blades in the World!

Shoxx Blades - The Best Blades in the World! Professionals know that quality blades are game changing. They help produce superior products efficiently and effectively and result in unmatched client satisfaction. That said, Shoxx Blades (also known as diamond blades) are, without a doubt, the best blades in the world. When purchasing a new blade,…
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Best Steel Cutting Blade

Steel Cutting Blade - From Blades Direct You know the old adage, time is money?  It couldn't be truer than when purchasing a steel cutting blade.  Obviously, the best steel cutting blade will be effective and efficient.  After all, you want to be able to work quickly and cleanly, providing your clients high quality products…
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