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Blades Direct at Northeast Hardscape Expo

Come see us at Northeast Hardscape Expo Show this week located in Rhode Island! This is such an exciting event with over 2,000 Hardscape Contractors expected to show up this year! Don't miss the best deals of the year! We will be featuring many new products as well! If you have been wanting to meet some…
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The Best Saws to Tackle Projects at Home

High Quality Saws to Tackle Projects at Home The belief that every project on our “to do” list requires outside assistance is simply not true. Of course, some of the work we need completed in our homes requires the services of a professional. In these cases it is important to hire a well-regarded contractor.  However,…
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Diamond Blades – Latest Trends and Growing Market Space

Diamond blades are incredible; we know that.  They have become increasingly popular over the years; the demand for them continues to grow and they continue to capture a growing share of the market space.   At Blades Direct, we have seen this increase in demand first hand; our clients love them! Have you considered adding…
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Highest Quality Diamond Tools – Trade Shows Here We Come!

Highest Quality Diamond Tools... If there is one thing you know about Blades Direct, it is that we are a supplier of the highest quality diamond tools.  Our product offerings are diverse and each is developed to provide a particular type of service to its users. Below we have shared a bit about three of…
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What are Segmented Diamond Blades & What are they used for?

What are Segmented Diamond Blades? While you may be familiar with diamond blades, you may not realize that there are three major types: segmented, continuous and turbo.  Each offers specific benefits when used for the appropriate job. Today we are going to share a bit about segmented diamond blades, both their appearance and when they…
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What Diamond Blades Are Used For

Diamond Blades Are Used For... Diamond Blades.....they sound impressive, don’t they? But we all know that words can be deceiving. When looking to purchase new blades for your equipment, you want to understand exactly what they can do. Broadly, diamond blades are the highest quality blades available. In fact, these blades actually contain small diamond…
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How Diamond Tool Blades Can Save You Time and Money on Home Improvements

How Diamond Tool Blades Can Save You Time and Money on Home Improvements Purchasing a new blade, especially a diamond tool blade, is an investment. One that shouldn’t be taken lightly. “How can this blade benefit me and my business?” is a question you should be asking. The answer is multifaceted, but clearly understood. Below…
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Cutting Edge Technology

SHOXX Blades - Cutting Edge Technology Technology. Sounds like a funny word to hear when talking about blades, doesn't it? When we think of technology we usually think of electronics - our phones and our computers. Well, guess what? Technology plays a big part in blade manufacturing as well. In fact, it is a cutting…
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